Popular Korean singer PSY, will be coming to Penang, Malaysia during the Chinese New Year, at least 60,000 people with crazy jump “horse dance” by the moment!

“Guangming Daily” discovers the exclusive news swept the world of horse riding dance Korean singer PSY, traveled to Shanghai, China in this year’s New Year’s Eve as Dragon TV New Year Spring Festival “Various Artists 2013 grand performances, to teach the rush to Penang, accompanied by sound move the Asian championship Shira (Shila) to Penang is known as the “Oriental Garden” reputation, a great New Year and enjoyed horseback riding dance to the Penang people.

PSY Coming to Penang in Chinese New Year

PSY this special trip to call on Prime Minister Najib Razak, therefore taking the opportunity to attend the celebration of “The prime minister and the the Penang National People’s Congress gathering held on the Big Year (February 11) in Han Chiang High School playground expected PSY in the day will be Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib “performance on the same stage.

Concern, PSY first came to Malaysia to perform, will cause the whole horse, even the neighboring countries “PSY fans” highly concerned about the addition and then set off the a “horseback dance craze. As a result, Singapore, Thailand and other neighbouring countries PSY fans will Starchaser to Penang.