Miri Senadin Water Theme Park with Hotel and Shopping Mall

A very eco-friendly water theme park which is the biggest of its kind in East Malaysia, incorporated with a lot of nature into it. It is a RM250 million project approved by the state government of Sarawak to develop it at a strategic area near the Sarawak-Brunei border into an international water theme park in Miri City. The developer is Miri Housing Group of Companies. The theme park is located not far away from Senadin residential estate within 15 minutes from the Sarawak-Brunei border checkpoint in the Kuala Baram district, about 30km north of the park.

Features of the water theme park:

  • measure a total size of 43ha
  • a combined size of 107 football fields
  • a 35ha man-made lake with a man-made island in the middle
  • international-standard hotel with 250 rooms
  • a shopping mall with at least 300 shops
  • a recreational forest featuring unique plants, trees and herbs found in Sarawak
  • facilities for water sports, a water ride and other unique features
  • it can accommodate at least 6,000 visitors