Attention ice-cream lovers! The famous Japanese dessert Macha ice cream is now available at Ajisen Ramen Miri. For those who haven’t try it before, let me just say that it is a very nice Macha flavour ice cream with cincau grass jelly and tasty soft red bean.

Macha Ice Cream with Grass Jelly and Homemade Red Bean

Even the presentation is top notch as well as you can see the green Macha ice-cream sits on a bed of black cincau grass jelly, topping with homemade red bean muds. So, it is one of the must ‘eats’ when visiting Ajisen Ramen for dessert lovers. Come and taste it now at Lot 2410, Block 5, Ground & 1st Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Malaysia! It is around RM6.90 per glass. Slurp!