For those who’re still learning how to dance Gangnam Style, you should check out the Complete Guide to Dance Gangnam Style provided by dailygangnam.

  1. Shake your hands- as fancy as you can.
  2. Jump- wing your arm.
  3. Step back- let your legs go free.
  4. Get laid- it’s easy, because you’re so fancy.
  5. Enjoy your company- keep on moving.
  6. Jump outdoors- while shaking your hands.
  7. Jump indoors- and keep moving it.
  8. Let your legs go- turn around, you fancy.
  9. Make a friend- in some elevator.
  10. Fall in love with- that pretty girl in the subway.
  11. Dance with your pretty girl- oh that’s a good company.
  12. End with a cool pose- you worth it.