Western Food at Jing Wood Cafe Miri

Jing Wood Cafe is located besides a junction at Pelita Commercial Centre Miri. At night, there will be full of people sitting there craving for Western food. Right here, you will get some Western food for an economy price at its Western food stall. For merely RM10, you can treat yourself to a satisfying meal of lamb chop, chicken chop and beef chop. Cheaper than any other chops you can find in the restaurant.

Mixed Grill Chops (lamb+beef+chicken)

We ordered a plate of mixed grill chops (lamb+beef+chicken) at the price of Rm15. It comes with French fries, bread bun, mayonnaise, hotdogs, an egg, and veggies as side dishes. What so great about the chop is that it is not dry and seem like the flavour of the gravy is quite evenly spread all over the chop poured with special BBQ honey sauce on top of it.