Veggie Lover (素) MIRI now with more Selections

Good news to veggie lovers in Miri City!

Veggie Lover (素) MIRI is now offer a variety of vegetarian and vegetarian products. As a raw material supplier, their aim is to encourage everyone to develop vegetarian awareness and healthy eating habits.

In addition to retail sales, they also offer a free delivery service. The free delivery service covers Miri and parts of Brunei. In other parts of Sarawak, reasonable delivery service fees will vary by distance. As a diversified vegetarian wholesaler, they represent and sell vegetarian products from a number of vegetarian products manufacturers.

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本店提供各种斋料及素食产品。 身为素料供应商,我們的宗旨是為了鼓勵大家培养素食意识和健康的饮食习惯。


Address: Veggie Lover (素) MIRI
Lot 476, Jalan Cosmos 3, Taman Pelita, 98000 Miri Sarawak.