Various Fire Crackers for Chinese New Year

Traditionally, Chinese New Year fire crackers completed the chinese new year celebration. New generations in Malaysia nowadays hardly to have the chance for playing fire crackers, due to the banned of government on them for safety reason. Surprisingly, a small country called Brunei (that is so near to Miri City) just displayed their fire crackers for sell in the normal shopping complex like normal things. Besides fire crackers, various firework sets are also available.

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Picture displayed below are taken from Soon Lee Megamart, Kuala Belait while our crews visited Brunei last year. Imagine if this is in Malaysia?



Chinese New Year Red Crackers


Huge collection of Fireworks set


Huge Fireworks


Red Crackers and Large Firework set


Small long Red Crackers


Various Fireworks to choose from, location at shopping complex Kuala Belait, Brunei