The Tension Lab – First Smash therapy now in Miri City

MIRI NOTHING TO DO ONE LEH. Bored and don’t know what to do in Miri? Need something new to do?

Come smash bottles, TVs, Printers and many more throw it, smash it, destroy it however you want!

Experience the First Smash therapy in Miri City, located in Marina Parkcity.

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Tired of just going for a walk or watching movies at TGV?
Why not bring your partner to try something different like smashing things together!

Smash bottles, TVs, Printers and more at THE TENSION LAB, located in Marina Parkcity.

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The Tension Lab!


We provide unique themed space suits for free when you’re in the Smash Room.

Just smash your worries apart and enjoy a great session!

It’s always fun to watch people vent out their stress and anger.

Book your session with us today through our Facebook or simply dm us to know more!

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(Images/info shared by Yi Yang Soh, & The Tension Lab to MCSC)