The Nine Matahon Fruit Smothie now in Taman Awam Miri

Miri Taman Awam’s The Nine Matahon fruit smoothie, their home has very innovative fruity ice, there are many kinds of delicious fruits such as: banana, grape, red watermelon, yellow watermelon, honeydew melon, dragon fruit, sago, plus Fresh milk topping is delicious and full of happiness. Very cool and appetizing! Everyone has a happy taste and thumbs up!

美里Taman Awam公园招牌和创意满满和非常用心制作的 :
The Nine Matahon 水果冰沙, 他们家非常有创新的水果冰,里面有很多个种个样的美味水果如:香蕉,葡萄,红西瓜,黄西瓜,蜜瓜,火龍果,西米露,加上鲜奶味道鲜美和充满幸福美满的感觉。


(Images via/courtesy of Victor Yong)