The Coffee Story now in Boulevard Miri

The environment at The Coffee Story is very comfortable, you can have a casual tea chat with friends, gatherings and also places that are suitable for customers to talk about business.

The cakes are different every time. Everything is delicious. Most of them are cheese-based. If you like cheese, you can try it.

The cafe has their own burnt cheese cake, which is not greasy. Each time there will be a different taste. If you eat it, you will fall in love with it.

Coffee is also very good. There are other drinks that you can choose if you don’t like coffee. Quite a lot of choices.

新开的Cafe 在 富丽华的香港鸭隔壁,The Coffee Story.

环境非常舒服让人可以很休闲的跟朋友一起喝茶聊聊天,集会和适合见顾客谈生意的地方。蛋糕每次都不一样 每一样都很好吃 大部分都是cheese为主的,如果喜欢 cheese的朋友们都可以去尝试。他们cafe有他们自己做的 burnt cheese cake, 浓浓的不会腻。每次也会出不同的口味。 吃了真的会爱上 咖啡也很好喝。不爱喝咖啡的还有其他的饮料可以选。。蛮多选择的。

今天有机会试他们的 frappe + mini magnum ice cream, 完美! 听说只有special 这两天有罢了 ,图片 (Caramel Frappuccino + mini magnum chocolate)

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可以follow他们的Page, 常常会有优惠或新品


Lot 2518, Jalan Boulevard 3B, Boulevard Commercial Centre Miri, Sarawak 98000.

(Images via/courtesy of Alvin Teo)