The 2020 CNY Street Food Bazaar in Miri City

The Chinese New Year Market in Miri City (also known as Gong Xi Bazaar) is an annual event that takes place one week before Chinese New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Rows on rows of tents and stalls are set up around the area in Miri Times Square and Miri High Street area, with vendors selling different unique souvenir pieces, toys, balloons, sweets, flowers, fashion accessories, CNY decorative items, promotional items, and food & drinks.

Activities such as Lion dance, Dragon dance, modern dance and cultural events are also a daily schedule during the nights during that period.

For the week, the market continues until New Year’s eve, after which they will close down for the CNY holiday.

In order to visit this market at Miri Times Square and Miri High Street, timing is critical to coincide with the last week before Chinese New Year’s eve.

(Images/info shared by TFT to MCSC)