Tasty Kueh Chap at Permyjaya Food Centre

Although kueh chap (粿汁) is served mainly with pig offal, many people still like it so much. In Miri, besides the best and famous kueh chap can be found at Ho Poh Krokop Food Centre, you can also find it at Permyjaya Food Centre at RM4 per bowl. Most recommended by the local Mirians living in Senadin.

Kueh Chap at Permyjaya Food Centre

The kway is soft and smooth comes with subtle grainly texture and you can feel the milled rice taste. It has a nice balance of meat, fat and skin mixed together with the deep fried tofu & half marinated egg. A pleasantly tasty herbal braising soup is neither salty nor too oily. So, kueh chap lovers, do give it a try.