Tai-Croissant Menu Preview in Miri City Dessert Master

The latest news for the taiyaki fans, Tai-Croissant in order to provide the best quality and taste, available at Dessert Master.Please don’t miss it ,the 1st outlet at Sarawak.

Inspired from streets in Tokyo, Tai Croissant is a successful Taiwanese brand that introduced the overwhelmingly adored Taiyaki Croissant.

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Combining both the impressive, almost 80 layers of crispiness in its outer croissant skin, and a stunning variety of savoury fillings inside, it has become one of the hottest street foods in Taipei.

Growing ever more popular in a such a short period of time, it is now being introduced to South East Asia. And the Sarawak 1st Tai Croissant now at Miri Dessert Master.

Address: Lot 2491, Ground Floor, Jalan Boulevard 2b, Boulevard Commercial Centre Miri, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.

(Images/info shared by James Lau)