Starbucks Coffee Mooncakes with Starbucks LOGO

Starbucks Malaysia is once again launching its Mooncake with Starbucks logo on it.
The Starbucks mooncakes Gift Set and is now in the Starbucks stores!

Grab your box set filled with 4 pieces of deliciously flavored mooncakes; 星巴克月饼
2x Green Tea Keylime
1x Peanut Butter Brownie
1x Roselle Blueberry Moon
and TWO units of Starbucks mugs for only RM88.

Starbucks Logo Mooncakes (Green Tea Keylime, Peanut Butter Brownie and Roselle Blueberry Moon).  That’s not all! Our Mooncake Sets comes with an invitation for you to join us at our Starbucks Lantern Festival 2017! With the little cutout, you can redeem an exclusive Starbucks festive kit during our festival on the 30th of September.

So, grab your mooncakes today and stay tuned for more information on our Starbucks Lantern Festival! 😉