Rm 13.90 Shabu Shabu Hotpot in Miri City

For friends in Miri, have you tried the RM 13.90 hot pot lunch set yet? If not, don’t miss out when you pass by. It’s now in the former 状元楼 building in the city center, transformed into a small hot pot restaurant.

Enjoy self-service drinks, customizable sauces, and help yourself. It’s an air-conditioned hot pot restaurant. Invite your friends for a hot pot gathering. Choose your main dish (noodles, instant noodles or rice), meat (pork/beef), soup base (pork bone, chicken, herbal or tomyam), and enjoy self-served ice cream drinks and condiments.

Location: F2 Shinju Shabu Shabu
GR FL P/L2305 LT 305 JLN Merbau Miri
(Nearby Mercure Hotel Miri town)
0109766826 or 01155880899

11:00am – 2:30pm

(Images: Brian Ng)