Oriental Delights now in Miri City

New Oriental Delights 美食园 is now in Miri City!

Cheese is all you need! Come over to try out this Cheese Drink (coffee cheese).



大家吃早餐了嘛?欢迎大家来美食园吃个早餐吧。Come come over to have your breakfast at Oriental Delights!!

Not only selling cheese drink, but also pure 100% fresh juice as well as rice, noodles and kolok Mee.

鸡饭 chicken rice, come come!

美食园 Oriental Delights
Lot 7233, Desa Murni Commercial Centre, Permyjaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Tel: 014-595 8786

(Images/info via/courtesy of Crystal Luilui, Adeline Tan, 美食园 Oriental Delights)