New Malaysia Driving License Launching and How to Get It

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Transport Ministry (Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia) will launch a new card based characteristics driver’s license (LMBT) on July 15, using high-tech manufacturing, and extended to the national post office in November.

Transport Minister said the existing driving license technology is used in 1989, it can be easily damaged and has lot of forgery problems. The picture shown is a new driver’s license (below) with higher security features, to avoid being forged. While the above one is the current driver’s license.

New Malaysia Driving License Lauching in July

New features of Malaysia New High-Security Driving License is a pre-printed plastic card with unique lines that bears a specific security image, printed using thermal transfer technology printer with specific software. It is a card with driver’s photos and information printed and protected with a layer of high secure hologram.

How to get the newly launched Malaysia driving license?
Malaysia’s Transport Ministry department will retrieve the applicant’s photo from MyIndentity Database that was developed by National’s Registration Department & MAMPU, so that the current type of license card holders will not need to provide passport photo for renewal or registration purpose at extra cost. Applicants will only need to pay the current fees during renewal procedure at JPJ branches or their offices across the nation.