New Macao Imperial Tea 澳门皇茶 Miri GRAND OPENING

Let’s go to Miri 101 Commercial Centre. There is a new Milk Tea Shop, now opened in Miri City! Originally from Macau, Macao Imperial Tea has now reached Miri City!

Macao Imperial Tea 澳门皇茶 Miri.

Their delicious looking Milk Teas with Cream Cheese on top, really can’t wait to try.

Macao Imperial Tea’s name highlights the fact that they’re serving teas, but actually they are more famous for their fancy and colorful sodas that you can have a try.

Nice place to chill in Miri City.

Grand opening day full house.

Some delicious cakes are available too.

To all the Miri fans out there, Grand opening of Macao Imperial Tea Miri now right on spot!

Hurry up!! There’s a promotion of BUY 2 FREE 1 for today for the opening day.

Come and cheers with our unique fancy drinks with your friend and family.

But, of course, you can’t leave their shop without taking a picture with Mr. Bear.


A good place to hang-out.

Have a comfort and convenient environment for family or friend meetings.

The Macao Imperial Tea 澳门皇茶 Miri doors is now opened at 101 Commercial Centre (below Public Gold).

Address : Lot 3558 & 3559, Ground Floor, AL-BAYT SQUARE.

See you there!

(Images via/courtesy of Huat Chin Yong, Macao Imperial Tea 澳门皇茶 Miri)