Must Try Top Curry Rice in Miri City

The curry rice at LCP Cafe in Miri is renowned for its exceptional taste and flavor, making it a standout dish in the city.

The rich and savory spicy curry, combined with tender braised pork belly, creates a nostalgic experience that brings back memories of times gone by.
Served with fragrant curry kua and pork belly kua sauce, this dish is truly delectable.

Additionally, you can try local favorites such as kolo mee, kuey tiaw, beehoon, and Laksa.

The best curry rice in Miri, for me. The curry is rich, spicy, and flavourful. It’s also a taste of nostalgia and memory. With delectable curry/tender braised pork belly rice served with fragrant curry kua and pork belly kua (sauce). There’s also kolo mee/kuey tiaw/ beehoon, and Laksa.

Address: 凉茶鋪 LCP Cafe
Sub Lot 2361, Piasau Commercial Centre, Jalan Datuk Edward Jeli, Piasau Jaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

(Images: Anderson Chiam, Benco Ong, Ivy Ivy, Tiger Lee)