Morning & Night Kolok Mee Stall in Miri

There’s a stall in Miri that serves kolok mee in the morning and at night.

They have tasty dishes like 糟菜粉干, 粉干蛋杂汤,
炒广东面杂湿. Other options include kolok mee noodles, pork mix soup, Cantonese mee, bihun, wantan, and more, all delicious and affordable at just RM4 per bowl.

You’re welcome to come and try at Warung Big Mama restaurant in the Airport area, next to Fruity Garden. They’re open from 6am to 1pm in the morning and from 5pm to 9:30pm at night.

萫味大妈 Warung Big Mama restaurant
Airport area飞机场一带
(代代香传隔壁)Beside Fruity Garden

Business hour
早上Morning:6am-1pm 晚上Night:5pm-9:30pm

(Images: Iwin Hii)