Malaysia Banks to Provide CNY Exchange New Banknotes Service

The Year of the Dragon in 2024 is approaching! As the Lunar New Year draws near, it is a Chinese tradition to use new items, including clothing, shoes, furniture, and even new banknotes. Therefore, major banks in the country typically offer services to exchange old banknotes for new ones before the Lunar New Year.

In recent years, banks have directly provided new banknotes at ATMs, allowing people to withdraw them conveniently, avoiding crowded counters and providing faster and more convenient services. Different banks have varying restrictions on the withdrawal of new banknotes, with some offering only RM50 banknotes, while others include RM10 and RM50 options. Some banks also specify a maximum withdrawal of 30 new banknotes per transaction.

Usually, banks like AmBank, Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, etc., start providing new banknotes one to two weeks before the Lunar New Year. Additionally, these banks have introduced red packet envelopes for the year 2024, which can be obtained for free during transactions for those interested in collecting them.

2024年甲辰龙年将至,农历新年临近,华人传统习惯在这时使用新物品,包括新买衣物鞋子、新家具,甚至也要有新钞票。因此,国内各大银行通常在农历新年前提供新钞票兑换服务。近年来,银行直接在ATM提供新钞票,方便快捷,不同银行有不同限制,提供的新钞票包括RM10和RM50,某些银行规定每次最多提款30张。AmBank、Maybank、CIMB、Hong Leong Bank等银行通常提前一至两周开始提供新钞票,同时推出2024年的红包封,在交易时免费索取。