Luak Bay 鱼米之乡 (Kampung Nelayan)

This is a shop located at Miri Luak Bay area far from Miri town. It is called 鱼米之乡(Kampung Nelayan), popular in selling their 自制鱼丸 (homemade fish balls) and 鱼头米粉 (Fish Head Mihun/ Mihun Kepala Ikan). Look at their homemade fish balls noodles, tasty, fresh and smooth.

Homemade fish balls soup noodles

Unfortunately, we forgot to snap the picture on the 鱼头米粉 (Fish Head Mihun) because we were too hungry at that moment after coming back from jogging at Luak Bay Esplanade. It comes with large pieces of fried fish, fish cakes, accompanied by the head boiled soup and rice flour together with fresh milk in the same bowl. The business is so good and always full of customers which is an affirmation of quality in their food. The price is around Rm7 to RM8 per bowl. This is the location:

Luak Bay 鱼米之乡(Kampung Nelayan) map