Largest Aerobig 2024 is coming to Miri City

The largest Aerobig 2024 event is happening soon in Miri City (1st Sep 2024). Prepare yourself for Aerobig 2024 in Miri City. Don’t miss the Aerobig 2024.

Here are the highlights of Sarawak AeroBig Day 2024: It’s the biggest aerobic event in Sarawak, organized by the Sarawak Community Assistance Welfare Association, supported by VIPs (check the proposal for details), and will be held in Miri, Sibu, and Kuching.

Take advantage of the early bird offer starting from RM10. Each registration includes a tee (category A), goodies, and a chance to win in the lucky draw. Plus, you’ll be contributing to charity while staying healthy.

Register now for AeroBig Day Sarawak 2024, the largest charity aerobic event in Sarawak.

The early bird promo is valid from April 1-30. For inquiries,
Kuching: Ms. Szewun 010 2359902
Sibu: Mr. Bryan 0111 0732265
Miri: Ms. Bonita 016 8707333
General line: 082 523603
(Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm)

(Images & info: Bon Bonn)