Laoyang Kopitiam FoodCourt now in Krokop Miri City

A new Lao Yang Kopitiam is now in Miri City Krokop area! ! ! The standard of dim sum still the best! ! There are a lot of stalls here, it feels like Hopoh Canteen but the stalls are more choices than in Hopoh, and the Hopoh curry rice is also open here! ! ! Missing their taste!

老杨Kopi 店开啦!!! 点心的水准还是一流!! 这里还有很多档口,有点感觉像河婆 不过档口比河婆多选择,而且以前河婆的咖喱饭也在这里开啦!!! 怀念他们的味道

(Images via/courtesy of Yorohiko Chung)