KFC Mac & Cheese, Classic Rice Platters with Sambal & Fried Chicken

Wow! KFC is once again introducing New Food Menu!
These include the new Mac & Cheese, Sambal Fried Chicken. Mac & Cheese and Sambal Fried Chicken Rice is a new package for KFC Breakfast.

KFC launched various new foods this May! The new KFC Mac & Cheese is made up of Nacho Cheesy Sauce, Macaroni and Zinger Chunks.

Have a cheesy Sahur with the all-new KFC Mac & Cheese with fresh macaroni and Nacho Cheesy Sauce! Available from 12am onwards at 24-hour KFC Breakfast outlets until 11am, get it today from only RM5.50. T&C apply.

Combo A

Combo B

Classic Rice Platters Sambal 炸鸡饭