JUST EAT now Open in Miri City

A new tea house, which recently opened in Miri, is named “JUST EAT,” and it specializes in the famous Chao’an delicacy called “Miao Zai Porridge.”

It is somewhat similar to rice porridge, with a delicious broth complemented by fresh seafood such as shrimp, octopus, fish, clams, and mushrooms. The best part is the addition of fresh fried garlic and cilantro.

The handmade chicken leg noodles have a firm and chewy texture, and the tender chicken is served with crispy fried garlic on top. Apart from these, there are also other delicious food options available.

Address: 就知道吃 JUST EAT
Beside See Hua Daily News Miri Waterfront

(Images: Miku Siong)