Infinity Pool on 7th Floor, Pullman Hotel Miri Waterfront

The Pullman Hotel Miri Waterfront’s Infinity Swimming Pool is located on the 7th floor, just next to the gym, aerobic room, spa, jacuzzi, pool bar and reflexology with commanding views.

Skyview of Pullman Hotel Miri Infinity Pool

Skyview of the infinity pool on level 7.

Shower area Pullman Hotel Miri

A section of the shower area.

Pullman hotel external walls with plants

At Pullman, we will grow together as a team to greater heights. The plants will soon decorate part of the hotel external walls of this hotel.

7th floor Infinity Pool Pullman Hotel

The Infinity Swimming Pool area is shaping up graciously.

Artist Impression Infinity Pool Pullman Hotel

Artist’s Impression on Infinity Pool for Pullman Hotel Miri. Source: PullmanMiri.