Heavenly Taste of Marudi Homemade Ice Cream in Miri

Marudi’s famous Homemade soft serve ice cream is available at 86 COLD DRINKS at Taman Tunku Miri, the taste of their self-made Marudi ice cream was heavenly.

Usually on a weekday this place will be packed. All local clientele enjoying cendol, rojak, ice cream & cold drinks. Must try their signature Marudi ice cream. The place is clean, staff super efficient & friendly.

Marudi ice cream at 86 Cold Drinks, Taman Tunku Miri. Must try! So yummy.
(Image via Zool, Antony Liang, Nigulax Liew)

Tips: Taman Tunku Seven Eleven shoplot area.

Their hot item – marudi handmade icecream. Not very sweet with chocolate & pandan ice cream….nice oo..