Haus Haust Cafe & Bar now in Miri City

Hey foodies, Big news! Haus Haust Cafe & Bar is now open in Miri City, and it’s a must-visit new spot.

Imagine: perfect specialty coffee, tasty Japanese fusion Australian food, all in a cozy setting. Sound good? That’s Haus Haust for you.

What’s special? Great coffee, delicious dishes, and a friendly boss make it stand out. Craving Teriyaki Salmon or Japanese Curry Udon? They’ve got you covered.

And the coffee? Top-notch, with homemade teriyaki sauce and pasta just right. Plus, the boss is a pro barista, making each cup a masterpiece.

Address: Haus Haust Cafe & Bar
525, Jalan Pelita 3, Pelita Commercial Centre, Miri, Malaysia.

(Images: Herbert Thien, Lydia Loh, MCSC)