GST will be reduced from 6% to 0% starting 1st June 2018

The Ministry of Finance Malaysia has just issued an official notice in its official facebook, which states that the GST excise tax rate will be reduced from the original 6% to 0% starting June 1st, 2018!
Yes, it’s 0% Goods & Services Tax, which means that we don’t have to use GST anymore in Malaysia!

The following is the official announcement of the Ministry of Finance:

0% Goods & Services Tax! The government’s Ministry of Finance officially issued a 0% GST on June 1st, 2018!

Media Post: imposition goods and services tax (GST) at zero rate.

“Arahan telah diberi, supaya kita tak kutip GST lagi, dan cuba bayar balik mereka yang buat tuntutan”

(Putrajaya, 16th) Prime Minister Tun Mahathir said today that the government will fulfill its campaign promise to abolish excise tax and will refund overtaxed revenue to merchants.

He said that the government has instructed to stop collecting GST, the ex-government has already collected some taxes, and the current authorities will refund overcharged taxes.