Gourmets at Luak Esplanade Miri

Delicious yummy local favourite snacks found at Luak Esplanade Beach Stalls in Miri.

This feeling can only be attracted by them and stop by to enjoy!

The delicious Pulut Panggang here is a must try!

Luak Esplanade’s signature fried chicken wings, fried fishballs, fried delicious sausages, fried golden banana Kuih, etc. . .

这里的美味可口的Pulut Panggang

Explanet Luak皇牌炸鸡翅旁,炸鱼圆,炸美味香肠,炸黄金香蕉片,等等等。。。Also the drinks!

(Images via/courtesy of Victor Yong)