FOODLE’S PATH DINE DRINK in Marina Square Miri City

Have A Great Taste of Food at FOODLE’S path.dine.drink
Marina Square 2.Try the foods and the best thing can organise event/party/family gathering since the place has it own private section. The food has it scrumptious taste. Fried chicken is so crispy.

Come and Try. Try first then you will know the taste. Very. Satisfied okay ! Recommended.

Let’s try the menu of Foodle’s lalapan chicken.. with sambal that makes you passionate to appetite don’t miss out… haven’t tried yet haven’t know.

Good sambal. Come and try try.

Place to Chill and Relax with Family and Friends. Delicious and the food portion is worth the money and price.

Ground Floor of Lot 1874, Marina Square 2, Marina Parkcity
Miri, Sarawak.
019-886 9395

(Images/info via/courtesy of Foodle’s, Patricia Patrick, Dee Eh, Patricia Dominic)