Food Truck Drive Thru Opening in Tanjung Lobang Miri City

Finally, another new destination in Miri! One of the places to be the great attraction of the public will be opened in Tanjung Lobang Miri soon.

This is an Interesting idea that concepts drive through for foodtruck traders in Miri.

The ideas that can boost the local economy and give a positive impact to everyone.

The pathway strategy for driving through needs to be organized as best as possible to avoid traffic congestion.

Separate and traders who sell halal and non-halal food to ease driving through and traders play an important role to launch this driving method by providing fast sales or providing cashless payment method.

Hopefully this method of driving through can help the economy and attracts many visitors. Let’s wait together with the opening of Tanjung Lobang Drive Thru.

Let’s all support local businessmen here later.

(Images/info via/courtesy of Amiruddin Amin)