Food Hunting at Black Ace in Suncity Miri

A beautiful place and a group of talking friends are in the ace Black Ace Bistro of Sun City. Drink a few glasses of wine while ordering a variety of snacks while blowing water, and have a pleasant weekend evening so relaxed

They also have a lot of snacks. Of course, the price is okay (because it is in the bar Bistro). The most important thing to go to the Bistro is to taste the grilled three layers pork. Grilled chicken wings with layer meat.

Daniel‘s Western-Why don’t you try Western food when you come to the bar for a drink? This little brother’s main dish is chicken chop with mushroom sauce and black pepper lamb chop; both of us have eaten it and they are delicious!

Next is the honey pork skewers from Thailand. I heard that their pork skewers are also quite famous in Miri. I remember it seems that I have to queue up to buy them at the New Year’s Night Market.

Another one is Chinese BBQ

It turns out that it is also the mini branch of the famous grilled food generation. Let’s call him the mini grilled food generation.

There is also the famous Mari Ayam fried chicken, it is also sold here.

There are many options for Lok Lok here, they are all neatly placed in the cupboard. We selected some skewers and gave them to our little brother to help us deal with. You can choose to fry or use hot soup to boil it.

一个漂亮的地点和一群谈心的朋友,就在太阳城的王牌Black Ace Bistro边吹水边喝几杯小酒再点各种小吃 ,又这样轻轻松松的过完了一个愉快的周末晚上

接下来我就得进入话题咯来介绍介绍一下他们家的小吃 们家的小吃档也非常的多,当然价钱也算可以(为是在酒吧Bistro ),去Bistro最不能放过的就是烤三层肉 鸡翅 烤猪

Daniel‘s Western – 来酒吧喝酒怎么可以不试一试西餐呢? 这位小哥哥的主打是蘑菇酱汁鸡扒和黑椒羊扒;两个我们都吃过了,都很好吃哦!



原来那也是著名的烤食代的mini版分行 们就叫他mini烤食代吧

还有就是著名的Mari Ayam鸡一个通街通巷都看得到的炸鸡原来在这里也有卖哦

这里的Lok Lok有很多选择 都是整齐地摆在橱柜里 们选了一些串串然后交给小哥哥来帮我们处理,可以选择油炸或是用高汤来汆烫哦

(Images/info via/courtesy of Joyce Chong)