First Outlet in Sarawak, Eureka Snack Bar now in Miri City!

Eureka Snack opening its Sarawak first outlet in Miri City at Permaisuri Mall skybridge.
Eureka Snack Bar Miri pledge to serve the best popcorn to satisfy our fans cravings. We promise our fans for healthy, fresh, quality, and hand-made popcorn everyday. Lastly, we strive to satisfy all our fans popcorn crave.

Eureka’s Cheesey popcorn is the “go-to” snack for any cheese lovers. Chances are, it’d even bring out the “cheese lover” in you.

Apart from sushi, do you know what else taste good with seaweed and wasabi? The answer is simple! It’s Eureka’s Seaweed and Eureka’s Wasabi! Get your hands on our oriental treats today!

Let our Eureka’s rice crackers change your mind about rice in general. Rice has never tasted this good until now!

Here’s a fun fact! Tomatos are fruits, not vegetables. So have a can of Eureka’s sweet tomato today and correct anyone who thinks tomatos are vegetables!

Be and feel like a king with Eureka’s real durian. If there’s one thing the King of fruit has taught us, it’s that Durians taste better when it is shared, just like our snacks.

Eat like a king with Eureka’s Real Durian. You’ll never find a snack so scrumptious and fresh with Durian like this.

Eureka’s White coffee popcorn. It’ll make people who do not normally like coffee become instant coffee lovers!

From the moment you buy yourself a can of Eureka’s seaweed popcorn, until you finish the can yourself, you’ll understand why you need to buy another one!

How can you have great barbecue in a paper can? Simple! Just get your hands on Eureka’s Barbecue Popcorn!

Ever wondered how cereal and butter caramel taste together? Better yet, what if they were to be mixed and coated on popcorn? Munch on Eureka’s Cereal + Butter caramel popcorn for the sweet sensation!

Our Classic mix is great for anyone who can’t decide which of our flavors to pick. Does that sound familiar to you or anyone you know?

Eureka Snack Bar Miri address:
2nd Floor, Linked Bridge, Permaisuri Imperial City Mall,
Miri, Sarawak 98000.