Famous Zang Zang Bao now in Miri City, Where to Get?

Ang Zang means dirty while Bao means Bread. Eaters may experience dirty while eating this bread, that’s how the name came from.

The latest Zang Zang Bao/ Ang Zang Bao 脏脏包/肮脏包 also known as ‘Dirty Dirty Bread’ is the latest famous bread in the world of Chinese.

1. Paris Levain (Pelita)
Dont touch me! Too dirty!
RM5.50 each

By Paris Levain (Pelita outlet Miri)! Let’s try how dirty am I!

They got an event for Zang Zang Bao.

Great high tea experience in Paris Levain (Pelita) Here to join their event of Zang Zang Bao and served with FREE Lime Fruit tea! There are variety of buns to be served too. Simple steps as follow to claim your drinks.

(Images via/courtesy of Ck Sim, Angie Lim, Paris Levain Bakery&Cafe)


2. Roman Baker 罗曼烘培坊 (Yakin)
巧克力肮脏包 (Chocolate)
RM5.50 each

綠茶髒髒包 (Green Tea)
RM6.90 each

PM Lu Syue Cheng@FB for pre-order.

Chocolate Flavour.

Crispy taste.

The Green Tea flavour.

(Images via/courtesy of Roman Baker 罗曼烘培坊, Wendy Wee Sze Ping, Tan Li Foong)


3. Hot Cross Buns 热棒棒 (Pelita)
HOT CROSS BUN ” 肮脏包” 不错噢。RM5.50 , 不到10点就抢完了

Hot Cross Bun version.


(Images via/courtesy of Hot Cross Buns 热棒棒, Desmond Wong)


4. Seed Pastry House (Boulevard)
美里最棒的肮脏面包!! 味道超好,价钱公道! 超值! 两种口味,巧克力与抹茶! 只在麦子屋Seed Pastry House!!

Seed Pastry House version.

(Images via/courtesy of Ansxn John Chin, Lydia Livan Anyi Awing)

Dirty choco bun.RM3.90
green tea RM4.50…let’s buy at SEED PASTRY HOUSE. .Nyummy.

5. Remyllh (WeChat)
One Box 3 Flavours (Matcha, Chocolate and Purple Sweet Potato)

这种巧克力脏脏包,我叫Reguisbun 成为了新一代网红面包,听说吃完一定要照镜子! 我轻轻的尝一口这香浓的诱惑。哦~豁~变身小花猫啦! 你看我这一张“脏脏脸蛋”就该晓得有多好吃咯[微笑]一盒3个口味(主角是巧克力)微信:Remyllh/0168705190


6. ‎Doreen Jie‎ (WeChat)

有包送 airport pujut

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Enjoy !