Famous Buns in Miri 美里诚式手工包 Need to Queue Up to Buy

This small shop selling buns (Pau) in Miri City is now famous until visitor from outside of Miri gave so many thumbs up for their buns. Location of this small shop is just beside GK Supermarket, Pujut roundabout Miri. 买包要排队?没错就是这个美里的诚式手工包 ! 你一定要try!

Reviewed by social media (Fannie 芬妮):
My Miri friend introduced a small shop that sells homemade bun, their bun is truly fantastic chewy dough, full of flavor and filling wow ~ it makes me want to buy another 100 bun truly recommend this quality tasting bun in Miri.

【试吃】FB视频又出炉啦 这次到沙捞越美里去找手工包吃~当地朋友介绍的一家店,虽然面积不大,可是他们家卖的包令我惊艳! 价格便宜,包皮QQ弹弹的, 满满homemade 的馅料,味道是够到~让我吃了直呼”太好吃了我要买100粒” 哈哈 不好笑,真心推荐,逢路过必买,特地去也记得要买!

They have Mushroom Meat Pau, Vege Meat Pau, Char Siew Pau, Red Bean Pau and Butter Pau.

P.S :食物美味程度以个人口味而定。

P.S : This video based on personal food review. Like Fannie 芬妮:

(Images/video via/courtesy of Fannie 芬妮, Annie Ee Ee Lau)