Durians are found selling by biji in Pasar Tamu Emart Tudan Miri City

King of Fruit has come to the market in Emart Tudan. Durian sellers are trying to collect durians from the Kampung areas to meet the demand of durian hunters in Miri City.

Most durians nowadays are found to be sold by weight in KG. However, you can find this in Emart Tudan.
Durians are found selling by biji already in Miri City. At Pasar Tamu E-Mart Tudan stall no 184. Be sure to check it out.

You can almost find EVERYTHING here in Pasar Tamu E-Mart Tudan! Or just a place to satisfy durian eaters during this durian season.

Besides, you can also find durians to be sold by kilo and packed in plastic containers.

(Photo courtesy of Hoe King Wong)