Devil chicken Steak 魔王 is now at Bintang Megamall Miri City

Devil is flying through West Malaysia to here, he is now come in hot to Sarawak!NOW at Ground Floor East Court (opposite PEZZO pizza). 魔王雄霸西马,如今腾云驾雾进军星城购物广场。位于旧翼底楼Pezzo pizza 店前,今开始营业

Devil is mighty but with an attentive mind. He always listens, notices and responds to thousands requests from the mortal world. This time, Devil heard that people are searching aggressively for something delightful – a combination of perfect tastes, an exclusive experience. He treaded on clouds and mist, looking for a perfect solution. Devil came to the mortal world, to live as a human. All the prayers wishers, desires and hopes were getting louder and stronger. Despite the heavy burden imposed, Devil with his astonishing capability, successfully found the recipe to fulfill all these expectations – freshly – made golden crispy Devil chicken Steak and home brewed refreshing coconut drinks. What an attractive combo of satisfaction and inspiration! It is arousing all the beautiful tastes from the bottom of hearts, in this joyful world.