Crispy, Smooth, and Tender Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun (Ali Papa Cafe Miri)

Ali Papa Cafe (Krokop 10 next to Lao Yang Restaurant, the corner shop)
1 serving is Rm4. I like this crispy, smooth, and tender shrimp chee cheong fun! It’s delicious with sauces. Who likes it?

This Cafe is very crowded and it is difficult to find a table, so be patient. The food there was delicious. I have noodles, Laksa, fried pork noodles, fried kueh tiaw, porridge, all kinds of nyonya cakes and so on.

阿里爸爸(Krokop 10 老扬隔壁,角头间)

非常喜欢这个 脆脆 又 滑滑 又 嫩嫩 的腐皮虾猪肠粉!搭配酱料和酱汁都很好吃 有谁也喜欢的啊?

这间茶室非常多人,很难找桌子的所以要耐心等候。然后那里的食物都蛮好吃的。我本人的有 干面,Laksa,炸肉板面,炒粿条,粥,各式 nyonya 糕点等等。

(Images via/courtesy of Garfield Quek)