Complete Guide to Dance Gangnam Style

For those who’re still learning how to dance Gangnam Style, you should check out the Complete Guide to Dance Gangnam Style provided by dailygangnam.

  1. Shake your hands- as fancy as you can.
  2. Jump- wing your arm.
  3. Step back- let your legs go free.
  4. Get laid- it’s easy, because you’re so fancy.
  5. Enjoy your company- keep on moving.
  6. Jump outdoors- while shaking your hands.
  7. Jump indoors- and keep moving it.
  8. Let your legs go- turn around, you fancy.
  9. Make a friend- in some elevator.
  10. Fall in love with- that pretty girl in the subway.
  11. Dance with your pretty girl- oh that’s a good company.
  12. End with a cool pose- you worth it.