Chickilicious – The Hottest Chicken Steak & Tea Shop now in Miri !

The hottest chicken steak and tea shop in Miri town! It’s Chickilicious Miri.

When the best chicken steak meets with 10 flavors and 18 kinds of different snacks in Miri town.
Best chicken steak ever you can try in Miri City.
Haven’t try yet? And what are still waiting for! Look at the Pizza Chickilicious photos (shared by Chickilicious Miri & Su Sie Li)‎.
All of the food is freshly made by order, here’s waiting for you!!

Also don’t forget to try the snack deep fried sweet potato with plum sauce, it’s so delicious. Nice food and the staff were lovely and attentive, love especially the 伯爵奶茶 and chicken with seaweed flavor. Highly recommended. The chicken is crunchy. It suited for family and friends.

Chickilicious Miri signature drinks, the ULTRA PINEAPPLE.
NOT fast foods but made ON THE SPOT
NO CUTTING makes the best steak
Not frozen but the FRESH one
Our chickens are sourced from HALAL.
Drink FResh. Eat FResh.
Serve No Pork

The signature beverage made by fresh lemons! Tastes For Everyone

Chickilicious Miri address:
Lot 1386,Ground Floor,Centre Point Commercial ,Phase 2,Jalan Kubu,Miri sarawak.