Char Kue Tiaw Kedah now in Miri City

Hi, people of Miri. Don’t have anything to eat at night? Let’s try the Char Kue Tiaw Kedah in Miri, you won’t regret to try it..

There’s a choice with shrimp, clams, and special.. Location in Desa Murni, you can whatsapp 0198527513 for location.

Char Kue Tiaw Kedah
Rm6 – Miri

NaBeh!! 又找到一个不错吃的马来果条。这个是叫Kedah Kueh Tiaw。有爽爽到咯!在Permy McD一条路进去到差不多要尾尾了。就在右边。
Rasa sekali, pari nak lagi

不错好吃 虾很大只。

(Images via/courtesy of Mellorine Reen, Chellister Wee NaBeh Khiong)