Cai Kao Bar – BBQ Now in Miri City

Cai Kao Bar – BBQ now in Miri City
The most popular food – Stinky Tofu 中国臭豆腐汤式

“Spicy Soup Noodle” may not be as hot and spicy as you expected, but this spicy noodle will undoubtedly fill you up and make you want to drink more.

Cai Kao Bar – BBQ includes:
Chicken Gizzard
Chicken Wings
Eggplant Garlic
Enoki Mushroom
Five Flower Meat
Lady Finger
Lamb Satay
Man Tou
Oyster Mushroom
Stinky Tofu
Taiwan Sausage
Three Layer Pork

(Images via 财烤吧 Cai Kao Bar-BBQ)

Location : Marina Bay phase 2 Room music cafe

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The ordering platform includes
Food panda、Grab food、quick sent、外賣哥

Business hours
Tuesday to Friday: 5:15pm-9:15pm
Weekend: 4:15pm-9:15pm
*Closed every Monday*

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