Buttercream & Bean Cream Flower Cake Workshop

Good news bakers! Bunny Bake will be having a Buttercream & Bean Cream Flower Cake Workshop in Miri City! Besides, there will be a workshop at Kuching, Sibu and Kota Kinabalu too.

韩式奶油霜 x 豆沙霜裱花蛋糕课程

KUCHING 古晋- 28th & 29th May
MIRI 美里- 31st May, 1st & 2nd June
SIBU 诗巫- 7th, 8th & 9th June
KOTA KINABALU 亚庇- 14th, 15th & 16th June

Time: 10AM ~ 5PM (or until finish)
Fee : Please messenger INBOX or WHATSAPP +60168776100
(Private class is available. 接受私人约课。)

Class details

1. Every flower types may require longer time to practice, each class will take approximately 7 hours. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

2. Finishing time may differ based on students’ progress.

3. Conduct in both English and Chinese language.

4. Beginners with no experience are welcomed to join the class! Students’ study progress will be guided closely by two Bunny Bake’s Korean certified instructors.

5. Explanation on glossy buttercream recipe and bean cream recipe, and its storage methods.

6. Flower color toning will be using Wilton brand food coloring, other coloring options will be advised during the class either.

7. Students may take photos and videos during the class, however uploading any class content related media file is strictly prohibited. Kindly understand we wish to protect every students’ rights.

8. Practice makes perfect! Students may contact instructor for class related questions.

9. Limited seats only, for those who are interested please contact us as soon as possible.

10. For those who register two days and above, register in group or partners will receive discount.


1. 由于每种花型需要足够时间练习,所以一天上课时间约为7小时,提供午餐和点心。

2. 每位学生所需的练习时间不同,结束时间有可能延迟。

3. 导师将以英文与中文教学。

4. 无经验初学者也欢迎参与课程,同学们将由我们二位Bunny Bake 韩国认证导师向同学细心指导,绝对照顾到每位的进度。

5. 将介绍韩式奶油霜及豆沙霜成分,制作方式及保存方法。

6. 课程中将使用Wilton食用色素作花卉调色搭配,也将介绍其他调色方式。

7. 课程中同学可以拍照或录影,但不可以上传教学内容,以维护其他学生们的权益。

8. 裱花需多加练习!课程结束后若有关课程的问题可以联络导师。

9. 名额有限,有兴趣者请尽快报名。

10. 报名两天或以上,二人同行报名者可得到折扣。

Product details

About “BEAN CREAM”- Bean cream is a special recipe made by white bean paste. It is less sweet that comes with a more healthier taste and great texture. Bean cream flowers are able to deliver a more natural series of edible flower which also matches lighter cake flavors.


About “GLOSSY BUTTERCREAM”- Glossy buttercream is very different from traditional buttercream, it is a kind of meringue buttercream with smooth and silky texture, light sweetness to taste which goes perfectly with most of the cakes. Glossy buttercream flowers can stay in shape nicely as long as long as they are kept indoor or cooling space.

有关“奶油霜”- 韩式奶油霜与传统奶油霜不同,是由蛋白霜制成,入口即化和顺滑的口感带着微微的甜味。裱出来的花卉不会轻易融化,只要存放在室内或凉爽的空间,花卉形状依旧不变,绝对适合配搭不同蛋糕。




Introduction 简介

Class content is specially designed by 2 Bunny Bake Korean certified instructors. We are not only emphasize on the flower PIPING techniques and cake flavors, but also study real flower COLOUR gradation toning techniques.

Students will be guided closely by instructors, BEGINNERS with no experience are WELCOMED to join our class. Practice makes PERFECT !

We as certified instructors will be teaching students with the GENUINE way. Students will receive a FREE set of Korean PIPING TOOLS (including the piping tips, flower nail, flower lifter & nail wood), source of materials and ingredients will be provided so students will have more options in buying own ingredients in the future.

MONTHLY workshop schedule and venue will be announced on our FB page and Instagram, for those who is interested in PRIVATE CLASS may choose to learn any of our products. Upon completion of the class, student will receive a Certificate of Achievement based on the class level.

课程内容专由我们二位Bunny Bake 韩国认证导师精心设计。多次远赴国外向大师学习,之后便精心设计了一系列从浅入深的学习课程。


我们将以韩式教学方法授课。课程也会送上一组导师从韩国带回的裱花用具(包括花嘴,花钉,花剪和钉木)。 同时也将介绍本地可采购的材料和解说食谱,以方便学生日后制作及购买~

我们将在每个月份到不同的城市授课,请关注我们的FB 或INSTAGRAM。有兴趣约课者可以任选要学习的作品。完成课程将得到一份结业证书(依照课程程度颁发)。

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