Breakfast in Kedai Yong Ho Miri City 台湾永和豆浆

Miri City old time favourite Taiwan style breakfast place with soy milk.
For a cup of soy milk, 2 Salad yau char kueh, 1 onion fried pancakes, 1 Egg Pancake. Soy milk add your own sugar. The place is in the old street of Miri town.


A delicious breakfast with soy milk, and mee kolok (dry noodles) are really dry, the bottom of the mee kolok bowls are definitely without any soup.

The Yau Char Kueh is fragrant and crisp.

Kedai Yong Ho Miri City, their signature soy milk. Next to Park Hotel Miri. Delicious and cheap.
永和豆浆,park hotel 隔壁。好吃又便宜。

(Images via/courtesy of Lili Kiung, Chua Siok Ling, Johnny Ting, Tiger Lee)