Apam Balik Pak Cik at Pasar Malam Saberkas Miri

The Apam Balik peanut cake sold by this Pak Cik (Malay uncle) is the best in Saberkas night market Miri. It’s easy to see why customers keep coming back for more after trying it out. It’s because his buttery Apam Balik is fantastic! The sweet but not greasy peanut filling and the fragrant butter flavour make it so delicious to eat.

This uncle, who has been selling Apam Balik in Miri for many years, is well-known among the residents in Miri, as the stall is always packed in the afternoon. His Apam Balik is filled with crunchy peanuts and sugar, giving it nice caramelize and nutty flavour.

(Images: Lee Yung Chien)