AIS JELLY Desserts now in Miri City

AIS JELLY Desserts now available in Miri City!

BIU GOR AIS JELLY has officially launched at 59 Street Cafe! A big thank you to all the friends who came to support these past two days, as well as the returning customers.

This time, BIU GOR AIS JELLY is introducing a brand new menu, incorporating feedback from various sources. They’ve eliminated some old items and kept only the finest selections, ensuring great value for money. Each portion is priced at only RM10, providing just the right amount without leaving you feeling too full.

Enjoy the deliciously refreshing ice jelly paired with a variety of toppings—it’s not only tasty but also fun!


Address: 表哥冰粉 BIU GOR AIS JELLY
59 Cafe & Street @ Marina Phase 1,
Miri, Sarawak
Open: Wed-Mon (Closed on Tuesdays)
3 pm – 10 pm

(Images: biugor.aisjelly)