ABC/ Special Bowl at Lian Heng Cold Drinks Centre Krokop 5 Miri

How much is the ABC / Special Bowl? This is the standard size of our bowl. Ahhhhhh small… but if it’s big.

Standard Bowl price Rm3.00 only.

If you order ABC, you must be asked a question. Want to add milk or coconut milk? Just choose according to each other’s taste.

Upgraded version of Fresh Passion Fruit Drink.

Now with Honey & Lemon with plenty of crushed ice.

Cool & Refreshing drink to cool down.

Come down to Lian Heng Cold Drinks Centre to try our new Passion Fruit Drink.

Ice Cold Fresh Passion Fruit

Chendol Durian

Teh C Special Gula apong

ABC Gula Apong

Rojak Buah!!!

What is it? Let’s try abc at the Lian Heng Cold Drinks Centre. Location at krokop 5 Miri.

It’s hot today…

It’s comfortable to drink 3 Sour water. Sour and sweet sweet, want to be the best… Cold!

Lot 1438 & 1439, Krokop Lorong 5, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
016-874 0026