10 Advantages of Copying Homework [抄作业好处多, 你抄过吗?]

We all know that copying homework is wrong. Plagiarism!!
But, do you know that there are many advantages of copying homework?
Have you ever copied someone else homework?

You need skill not to copy a single person’s homework, but multiple from more than one person, so that the teacher will not find it.

[10 advantages of copying homework]

  1. exercise stability
  2. to develop friendship
  3. save time
  4. to reduce teachers’ workload
  5. to reduce carbon emissions
  6. exercise your writing speed
  7. to strengthen the spirit of mutual help
  8. to develop a broad perspective
  9. the development of environmental sensitivity (beware of the teacher, you can go after the war when the investigators)
  10. will not causing too much stress when your work can not be completed over and over, leading to various diseases.



  1. 锻炼定力
  2. 培养友情
  3. 节省时间
  4. 减轻老师工作量
  5. 减轻碳排放
  6. 锻炼写字速度
  7. 加强互帮互助精神
  8. 培养开阔的视野
  9. 培养对环境的敏感性(提防老师,以后打仗了可以去当侦查员)
  10. 不会由于作业过多,无法完成而紧张过度,导致各种疾病 。